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03. – 05. February 2018, Impulsworkshop „Art for the very small“, Chişinău, Republic Modau
15. + 16. February 2018,„Pffhhh… A rubber dance play“ in LOT Theater, Child- und Youth-days in Braunschweig, Germany
23. + 24. Februray 2018, Contributer in Young Dance Network DANCE FOCUS, Bologna, Italy
01. May 2018, „… an den Gesang eines Engels“ Music: B.A. Zimmermann, Choreography: B. Lieberknecht, Dance: B. Fuchs in the Cologne Philharmonie, Festival Acht Brücken
01. July 2018, „Buckets of Feelings!“ in the Festival Danza Estate, Bergamo, Italy