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PREMIERE: DIS_ORDER a neural fields study

Premiere                      Fr. 17.10.2014, 20 h
Further Performances Sa. 18.10.2014, 20 h
                                    So. 19.10.2014, 18 h

Barnes Crossing (Wachsfabrik) - Industriestrasse 170 - D-50999 Cologne

tl_files/background/dis_order_tanzfuchs_produktion_credit_meyeroriginals.jpgDIS_ORDER - a neural fields study
The third and last part of the cycle (UN) – (FEEL) – (ING)

Intimate voices, simulated systems of order, lack of distance and physical discharges:
DIS_ORDER - a flickering net of acoustic and physical activity.


Cast: artistic direction: Barbara Fuchs / electroacoustic composition:
Ritzenhoff / Performance: Odile Foehl, Pietro Micci, Ursula Nill / technique:
Wolfgang Pütz / PR & Management: mechtild tellmann kulturmanagement

upcoming performances

on tour October/November:

03.10.2014       FRIERSCHLOTTERSCHWITZ, Junges Staatstheater Karslruhe

28.10.2014       Buckets of Feeling!, Festival MOVE!, Fabrik Heeder, Krefeld

11./12.11.2014 Buckets of Feeling!, Festival EchoEcho, Derry Irland

22.11.2014       Buckets of Feeling!, Cultur Bazar Aachen